A postal detective game for 7 to 12-year-old kids

Secretly nominate your child to investigate a series of Mysterious Mails.

“We would definitely recommend Mysterious Mail to anyone with an inquisitive child who loves a good mystery.
In a time where everything is becoming digital, it’s a real novelty for a child to get exciting mail through the post.
The documents and artefacts combined to make a really compelling experience!”
– DadGeek

How does it work?

Secretly nominate a person to receive an unexpected Mysterious Mail.

They receive a letter explaining they have been nominated to investigate a mystery.

A series of posts arrive containing authentic looking artefacts and documents to help them solve the case.

Current Release

Pharaoh's Curse

Help an Egyptologist find the location of a hidden charm to lift the Curse of the Pharaoh

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  • No need to stare at screens.
  • Can induce an interest in reading and history.
  • Adults may need to be restrained¬†from taking over the case and appointing themselves as chief inspector.
  • May involve periods of family time.
  • In extreme cases siblings may withdraw from bickering and begin to work together as a team.

The Creators

Designed by Outfox the Box, people who invent mobile escape games, create stories for feature films and are parents that love to make the world an exciting and adventurous place for their kids to learn and explore.

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