The remote moorland holds many secrets.

Documented sightings of a beast hiding among the megalithic monuments, misty granite tors, and ceremonial stone circles, has created much conjecture about its origin.

Evidence from, photographs, video footage and plaster casts of paw prints were submitted to the government’s Department for Farming and Moorland Affairs. The DFMA sent a representative, Mr Maurice Stonehouse, to carry out field investigations on the carcasses of mutilated livestock. Returning from the moor late one evening, after examining the dismembered body of a sheep, Mr Stonehouse disappeared.

A search of the moor unearthed part of Mr Stonehouse’s backpack, along with a map and some field notes. A police investigation, into the missing person case, remains open. The constabulary have not commented on speculation that the backpack had been ripped apart.

Recently the Archive of Unsolved Mysteries has been appointed, by Mr Stonehouse’s family, to examine the evidence. The archive is looking for people of an inquisitive nature to assist in their investigations.

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