A series of mysterious posts containing intriguing artefacts. When pieced together they tell a remarkable tale.

To guarantee availability you can order now and choose any dispatch date  until 18 Dec (for UK orders). Add a ‘DO NOT OPEN UNTIL” date as 25 Dec! For international posting place your order now as it can take up to a month to receive it.

Yes. You will be asked to select this when ordering. You can either choose for it to appear in the first or last letter from the archive. You must choose one, we do not send any mysteries without the participant finding out who nominated them. If ordering for children it is your responsibility to make sure you have the parent or guardians consent.

Yes. We’ve had lots of feedback from siblings and investigators who invited friends over to share the experience. Most parents have to be held back from appointing them self as chief inspector. 

 If you choose one of the final mailings that contains a badge you can add extras one when you get to the shopping cart. (Only applies to the £49.99 and £59.99 options)

Orders are dispatched every Tuesday and Wednesday by first class mail. You can choose which week of the year the first mailing is dispatched on. If you order in advance, we will not send your first post until the selected dispatch date. We post by first class in the UK, so your order should arrive only a few days after dispatch.

We also have a ‘DO NOT OPEN UNTIL…’ option. This is a stamp placed on the back of the first mail and is great for Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, School Holidays etc.

We send the first mailing on your chosen dispatch date via Royal Mail 1st class. To be safe allow up to 3 days to receive within the UK and up to a month for outside the UK. Please order in advance.

There is just over a week between posts. The Pharaoh’s Curse contains four mailings. 

Yes, not a problem. We can post out all mailings numbered in one box. Please email Raven with your request including your order number.

We have delivered to boys and girls with very positive feedback from both.

You can choose to reveal who nominated the person to solve the mystery in the first or last post.

International orders may incur a custom’s charge. This will vary depending upon the country. The shipping cost will be calculated in the checkout basket before you confirm your order.

Please email Raven urgently with the correct details including your order number.

We recommend our games for 7 to 12-years-olds. Younger children will need help reading some of the documents. Adults will need to help all age groups with certain words. 10 to 12-year-olds will be able to read the majority of the script independently. Many adults love being involved as much as the children and the whole experience becomes family event.

No, there is only a small amount of codes and cyphers. This is a story-driven mystery. It’s about understanding plot, working out who is doing what, why, where and when.

Each post contains the next part of the story. You can get ahead of the plot by working out what is happening before the next post arrives. Your evidence may come from a character, a secret code, something missing or out of place.

The story is written in a way that helps the next posts resolve the last one. Once you have received all the posts, everything will have fallen in place with a few surprises along the way.

The stories are exciting and written in a non-threatening manner.  In the Pharaoh’s Curse, we are dealing with Egyptian history which contains theme’s relating to mummies, ceremonies and the afterlife, all the things kids seem to love.

No. We do not ask for any correspondence in any way. The post is one way from Mysterious Mail to the recipient only.

It’s a mixture of both. The story is fictitious. The majority of the places are real and the game contains interesting historical references.

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