“My daughter loved the whole Mysterious Mail experience… all the kids on the street trying to figure out where the mail had come from. We loved the clues, a lot of fun to work out. This is a great activity for kids”  The Inspiration Edit, Award Winning Family Lifestyle Blogger.

“We would definitely recommend Mysterious Mail to anyone with an inquisitive child who loves a good mystery.
In a time where everything is becoming digital, it’s a real novelty for a child to get exciting mail through the post.
The documents and artefacts combined to make a really compelling experience!”
– DadGeek 

“My partner’s daughter really enjoyed getting into the Pharaoh’s Curse. She absolutely loved the decoding of the hieroglyphics, loved reading the journal entries and matching up the sketches to the pictures to find out more about the gods and the symbols. The pot and charms were a bonus that she hadn’t expected to have at the end, and the quality of everything sent to us was higher than expected. It was fun seeing the light bulb in her head going on at the end!”

Craig Henderson, Writer and Filmmaker of Crooked Frames.

“My niece hid all the post under her bed, carefully examining each document. So excited she had a mission to complete.”

“This was a great value for the quality of the post received. The kids got completely lost in the adventure like they were real detectives! ?? Thank you for creating a game that encouraged them to read and did not involve staring at their computer . ???”

“What a great experience, both my children have become obsessed with solving each post. They spent so much time examining the objects, it became the highlight of the week, each time a post arrived. Highly recommended, can’t wait for you to produce the next one.”